Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Beginning...

On June 1st, 2009, after over 2 years of a hiatus, I returned to art. My daughter, now 2 years old, is a little artist herself, who loves our St. Johns neighbors. So now, 3 days a week, she plays with them while I get to draw people. What fun for both of us! I sent out an email to over 50 friends, asking for volunteer models. My idea: to start a portrait business. I was not entirely sure what this business would look like, given my classical training in figurative art and my personal departure into abstraction. I wanted my portrait business to be somewhat the fact that my interest is not so much in drawing an exact replica of a person's outsides...but act more as a mirror of reflection to a person, and draw them as I feel them. Here is one of the first drawings I did, of a friend.

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