Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This portrait project is continuing to evolve in ways I never would have imagined. I have had incredible experiences drawing people, and am on a path that I am very drawn to, even though there are still many unknowns for me. I am, however, ready to share the discovery I made by drawing Balti, my neighbor's cat. I started sketching Balti, as you can see by the first drawing above.

After another sketch, my pencil began moving in a way that I have become familiar with; I knew there was a shift, and I was tapping into something, so I turned my sketchbook to a new page, closed my eyes, and let it happen. When finished, I opened my eyes, and saw the second drawing.

Both of these are portraits of Balti. I recognized a connection between the visual shapes and shading produced when I was physically looking at Balti, and the energetic dots I somehow sensed and produced when not "seeing" with my eyes.

I have done several portraits now, that look like the second drawing. I know that I am aware of energies or aspects of people on a level that is beyond the physical. By comparing the two drawings of Balti, I can see that somehow, even when I am drawing the physical, I am accessing something else that I am not yet able to explain fully.

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